We can divide our services into different stages of the project or plan them as a whole.

The comprehensive management service includes all architectural and construction management, what is often called “turnkey”. The client has just one person to deal with who is in charge of all agents and management at the different stages. Meeting the objective is thus guaranteed.

We differentiate between the stages of design, construction and subsequent use.


In the design phase we develop as many functions as required in each case, depending on the needs of the customer and in response to their request. These range from the management and/or preparation of architectural, basic or implementation projects, to those involving interior design, landscaping and lighting design.

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Construction Management

With the construction management services, we equip customers with the resources they need to maintain maximum control over the progress of the construction works; we take charge of all tasks regarding the management, recruitment and organization of work and supervision.

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In managing the construction process, taking into account the characteristics of the project to be implemented and our experience in the field, we work to achieve the objectives set while observing the highest standards of professionalism.

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Facility management

Facility management is a very broad term that encompasses many areas. The aim is to ensure and manage the smoothest operation of properties and their associated services. To do so, people, places, processes and technologies of the property itself must be integrated.

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